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Evolutionary Ecology

Nicolas Gompel´s Lab

Evolution of phenotypes in Drosophila

A stricking feature of animal evolution is the diversity of their forms and their behaviors. Often, these traits evolve in concert, such as particular feeding behaviors and teeth morphology. The evolution of these traits entails changes in the genetic make-up of each species.

These changes translate at the level of very cells that make or control the traits, at the level of entire tissues, and ultimately in the interaction between the animal and its environment.

With this perspective in mind, we are using closely related species of the fly genus Drosophila, including the model species Drosophila melanogaster, to pin down the genetic changes underlying the evolution of pigmentation patterns, courtship behaviors, and other reproduction-related traits. We are then studying the functional consequences of these changes at different scales of biological complexity, from cell to organism.

Selected publications

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